LIVE: Justice Frank Clarke on Judicial Expectations for eDisclosure

About this Podcast...

Legal IQ caught up with Mr Justice Frank Clarke from the Supreme Court of Ireland, live at the 8th Annual Information Governance and eDisclosure Summit, to discuss emerging judicial expectations for eDisclosure.

Justice Clarke featured alongside panelists Master Steven Whitaker from the Royal Courts of Justice, and Justice John Sackar from the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

The inimitable Chris Dale from the eDisclosure Information Project provided the intellectual pyrotechnics as moderator, facilitating discussion on eDisclosure best practices, cost control, the role of technologies such as TAR and predictive coding, and the need for innovative judges. Analogies involving water pistols, guns, and smoking guns were aplenty.

Tune in for the post-panel catch-up with Justice Clarke to find out:

  • How the Supreme Court of Ireland has enjoyed success by introducing "categorised discovery"
  • How judicial approaches to eDisclosure vary across jurisdications, and how we can look beyond the Western world for inspiration
  • How "over-doing" eDiscovery can obstruct true justice because of the inordinate costs
  • His view on the "virtual court" - a concept mentioned by Professor Richard Susskind in his keynote address "Tomorrow's Lawyers"
  • Whether academic institutions are doing enough to breed the next generation of practising lawyers
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