A revolution in law? How a manufacturing practice is helping legal firms

About this Podcast...

We often think of law as a rarified profession – a trained and skilled individual bringing years of experience to bear in the service of a client. But, globalization and technology is leading to new low-cost competitors and self-service DIY law sites popping up like Rocket Matter and Legal Zoom. Couple that with a protracted period of low economic growth where law firms’ clients no longer have a lot of money hanging around and the result is that law firms are feeling the squeeze on their bottom lines.

In this Process Perspectives podcast David and Karen Skinner, attorneys with over 40 years combined experience in law (and now owners of consultancy Gimbal Canada Inc), discuss how a management technique developed in the manufacturing industry - called in Lean - is slowly starting a revolution in law firms. Here they explain what it is, why it's become so important in recent years and how law firms are applying the concepts.

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