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what is the difference between PLAINTIFF and PETITIONER ?
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Does a statement made by a counsel in the Court bind the client? Will he be estopped from withdrawing it subsequently?
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If you purchase a property from a GPA holder then wiil you get a clean title.
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Looking for a lawfirm in Tokyo with experience of IT agreements and good communication skills in english, to provide services to a middle sized software house located in Scandinavia - recommendations with reference warmly welcomed
where can I find a listing of the workshops held in the 7th EDiscovery conference in San Francisco, CA April 27-29, 2009?
Hello, Can you please answer the following questions for me? I can't locate this info on the website. We might like to attend the summit, but we need some more information. We are a company that provides security protection products? Would w
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What is the recourse of purchasing items on the internet to find out after the purchase that it was counterfeit. How do I get my money back?
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Looking to for a job / looking to hire? I have recently launched an online legal only niche jobsboard and we are currently starting to market it to law firms. Recruitlegal.com is completely free for job seekers and companies only pay 5 dollars per va
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What are your views on IP governance & reporting? Should IP Senior professionals focus on bringing up IP value awareness?
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What knowledge and experience would you expect an Electronic Discovery Subject Matter Expert or top consultant to have?
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