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Setting Up A Cross-Border Risk Intelligence Platform at Credit Suisse - An Interview with Ralph Ebert: The management of risk in eDiscovery is essential in any company. We spoke with Ralph Ebert, Director and Head of Global Financial Intelligence Unit at Credit Suisse about what was involved in founding their risk intelligence platform and how to choose measures to gauge the performance of the platform. He also spoke on the topic of communicating a shifting legal landscape internally.Listen now


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Overcoming a Siloed Approach to Risk Management - An Interview with Dermot Moore: Having a siloed approach to risk management puts your company in danger. We spoke with Dermot Moore, Head of governance and Control at Allied Irish Bank about this topic and he gave tips for how it can be avoided. He also speaks about continuous monitoring and requirements for internal and external risk assessment.Listen now


Building Compliance from Scratch at McAfee- An Interview between Ron Wills and Brandon Daniels: In the changing eDiscovery landscape; with new technology, new case law and new policy, it is more important than ever to have a sustainable and thorough compliance framework. Brandon Daniels interviewed Ron H Wills about building a compliance framework from scratch at one of the biggest tech companies in the world. Ron also offers advice for compa......Listen now


Fresh Perspectives on eDiscovery - An Interview Between Drew Macaulay and Damian Murphy: Taking a fresh view on a topic can often give new found insights and put objectives in perspective. With this in mind, Drew Macaulay, Managing Director at Consilio interviewed Damian Murphy, Barrister at Indicium Chambers on his financial view of eDiscovery. Damian describes how concepts such as performance projection, balance sheets and 'lawy......Listen now


Russia's Door is Open. What Now for IP Strategy?- An Interview with Tom Briscoe: With Russia making strides to normalise it’s IP practises such as joining the WTO and creating a dedicated patent court, we spoke with Tom Briscoe, Director of Global IP and Technology at Dako about the opportunity that Russia now offers...Listen now


Big Data, Better Data at the FCA- An Interview with Keith Foggon and Sanjay Bhandari: In this Legal IQ podcast, Sanjay Bhandari Partner, Forensic Technology and eDisclosure Services at EY interviews Keith Foggon Head of Digital Evidence Unit Financial Conduct Authority. They discuss how eDisclosure is handled in the FCA and how increasingly, the trend is towards better data, not necessarily more data. Additionally, the ever tricky t......Listen now


A revolution in law? How a manufacturing practice is helping legal firms: Law firms are under pressure like never before with increasing global competition, DIY law sites like Rocket Matter and Legal Zoom, and a protracted period of low economic growth. But a management technique developed in the manufacturing industry is slowly starting to revolutionize how we practice law....Listen now


Taking a Holistic Approach to Brand Protection & Anti-Counterfeiting: The customer is your No 1 key stakeholder and the front line of your defence against counterfeiters. Metka Glas, Brand Protection Director from Studio Moderna, speaks about how to utilise customer feedback and intelligence in the fight against counterfeiters. Glas also shares her insights on taking a holistic approach to brand protection and anti......Listen now


Don’t Lose Sight of Your Trademark Registration Strategy - IKEA’s Cecilia Emanuelson on Lessons Learnt from Enforcing IP Globally: "We really believe the basis for a successful brand protection strategy starts at the very beginning of the trademarks life, " said Cecilia Emanuelson, Legal Affairs Manager, Inter IKEA Holding Services S.A. In this Legal IQ Interview Cecilia Emanuelson from Ikea, speaks about how trademark protection is an important criteria for the success of th......Listen now


Proportionality in eDiscovery: An Interview with Judge James C Francis: In this Legal IQ podcast Chris Dale of the eDisclosure Information Project interviews US Magistrate Judge James C Francis for clarification on the state of new and existing eDisclosure rules in the US and how they compare with the situation in the UK. They also discuss a reinforced focus on proportionality and the role it can play in the creation......Listen now


Structuring IP so its aligned with business growth: An interview with Dako's Tom Briscoe: Tom Briscoe, Senior Principle Strategist of Technology and IP at cancer diagnostics technology company Dako, joins Legal IQ ahead of his involvement in the 7th Annual Global Patent Congress....Listen now


LIVE: Justice Frank Clarke on Judicial Expectations for eDisclosure: Legal IQ caught up with Mr Justice Frank Clarke from the Supreme Court of Ireland, live at the 8th Annual Information Governance and eDisclosure Summit, to discuss emerging judicial expectations for eDisclosure....Listen now